Ethereum Validator & Node Operator Summit

开始时间2024.03.01 - 13:00

活动地点14er Brewing & Beer Garden

About Event

Join EthStaker, Staking Rewards, and bloXroute Labs for an impactful single-day event focused on the Ethereum Staking & Node Operator landscape.

Event Partners

​Ethereum Foundation | Coinbase | Dragonfly | Galaxy Digital | Blockdaemon | Figment | HashKey Cloud | InfStones | Rocket Pool | Prysmatic Labs | Special Mechanisms Group | Fenbushi Capital | Genzio | BTCS | Stader Labs

Event Schedule

​1:00 pm - 1:15 pm


​1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Panel I - "Super Majority Client: How to Wipe Out a Network" 

Moderated by Nixo Rokish, Executive Director at EthStaker

​Discuss the impact of client diversity on the Ethereum network, with panelists:

  • ​Ben Rodriguez - Senior Protocol Specialist, Coinbase

  • ​Jasper - Community Advocate, Rocket Pool

  • ​Colton Campbell - Senior Solutions Engineer at Figment

  • ​[P2P speaker TBD]

​2:05 pm - 2:35 pm

Presentation I - "12 Seconds: Who Gets What, When and How in a Slot"

Presented by Eyal Markovich, Co-Founder & COO at bloXroute Labs

  • ​Find out where the value of a block comes from, how NOT to miss a block, and who wins the timing games. 

​2:40 pm - 3:25 pm

Panel II - "The Race Against Time: Why Validators are at War with Milliseconds"

Moderated by Kilian Boshoff, Business Development and Research at Staking Rewards

​Explore the high-stakes competition among validators where milliseconds can determine success or failure, with speakers:

  • ​Eyal Markovich - Co-Founder & COO, bloXroute Labs

  • ​Freddy Zwanzger - Ethereum Ecosystem Lead, Blockdaemon

  • ​Max Resnick - Head of Research, Special Mechanisms Group

  • ​Terence Tsao - Maintainer, Prysmatic Labs

  • ​Haseeb Qureshi - Managing Partner, Dragonfly Capital

​3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Presentation II - "Optimize Ethereum Staking Rewards with the Validator Gateway"

Presented by Benjamin Hunter, Ethereum MEV Team Lead at bloXroute Labs

  • ​Uncover strategies for increasing validator staking rewards.

​4:05 pm - 4:50 pm

Panel III - "From Wall Street to the Mempool: The Rise of Ethereum's Institutional Validators"

Moderated by Mirko Schmiedl, Co-Founder & CEO at Staking Rewards

​Examine the dynamics and implications of institutional involvement in staking within the Ethereum ecosystem, with panelists:

  • ​Dora Luo - BD Director, HashKey Cloud

  • ​Sili Zhao - Global Head of Business Development, InfStones

  • ​Christine Kim - Vice President of Research, Galaxy Digital

  • ​Anoothi Kumar - Head of Business, Stader Labs

  • ​Charles Allen - CEO, BTCS

​5:00 pm - 5:50 pm

Panel IV - "Decentralize or Bust: Ethereum's Battle Against Censorship"

Moderated by Yuki Yuminaga, Lead Researcher at Fenbushi

​Explore Ethereum's ongoing struggle for decentralization and its resilience against censorship, with speakers:

  • ​Mike Neuder - Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

  • ​Max Resnick - Head of Research, Special Mechanisms Group

  • ​Alex Stokes - Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

​5:55 pm - 6:05 pm

bloXroute New Products Announcement

​6:05 pm - 7:00 pm

Networking Happy Hour

Event Time:Friday, March 1,13:00 - 19:00 MST

Location:14er Brewing & Beer Garden,3120 Blake St Ste C, Denver, CO 80205, USA

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